Вакансія General manager, business builder for SaaS , Київ. Пошук роботи в Києві - Робота General manager, business builder for SaaS (Octolink Inc.). Шукаю роботу в Києві.

Мінімум раз в житті кожної людини цікавить пошук роботи. І, незважаючи на те, що робота в Києві є завжди, багато хто не знає, де її шукати і куди йти працювати. Що вибрати - вакансії в Києві в невеликих фірмах або ж здійснювати пошук роботи в корпораціях? Що краще: робота в Києві або виїхати в інше місто або навіть країну? Питань багато, тому ласкаво просимо на портал, орієнтований на пошук роботи і вакансій, а також розміщення резюме в Києві!

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Вакансія: General manager, business builder for SaaS (в Київ)

  • Дата додавання:
  • Зарплата:60000 грн
  • Місто:Київ
  • Бажана Освіта:повна вища
  • Досвід роботи:від двох років
  • Графік роботи:віддалена робота

Загальна інформація про вакансію

<p>Role</p> <p>In this pivotal role, you will oversee the full cycle of SaaS product development, from initial concept through to launch and scale. Your main objective is to effectively coordinate all aspects of product development, including customer research, product design, and engineering, ensuring that every phase aligns with our strategic goals. Additionally, you will be responsible for building and optimizing a client acquisition engine that drives growth and ensures the successful market penetration of new product. Your leadership will directly influence on products' success.</p> <p>Responsibilities</p> <ul><li>Support the founding team in designing SaaS product through comprehensive market research and client interviews.</li> <li>Shape product features and formulate requirements to meet market needs and enhance user engagement.</li> <li>Oversee and guide the product development process by managing our engineering team effectively.</li> <li>Build a B2B sales engine by identifying target customers, constructing, and supporting an effective sales funnel to drive customer acquisition.</li> <li>Handle day-to-day operations, ensuring smooth software deployment and responsive customer support.</li> <li>Deliver exceptional customer service by addressing inquiries and resolving technical issues swiftly.</li> <li>Engage in continuous customer feedback collection to improve product features and functionalities.</li> <li>Undertake administrative tasks to bolster business operations and efficiency.</li> </ul><p>What we are looking for</p> <ul><li>Excellent communication skills with a proficiency level of English B2 or higher.</li> <li>Strong problem-solving capabilities and a knack for effective decision-making.</li> <li>Proven organizational skills and a capacity to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.</li> <li>Experience in conducting customer interviews and gathering actionable insights.</li> <li>Experience in designing digital products and writing clear, effective product requirements.</li> <li>A track record of successful interaction with engineering teams, ensuring product vision is accurately translated into technical execution.</li> <li>A strong desire to learn new skills and the willingness to experiment with innovative approaches to business and product challenges.</li> <li>Previous experience in business operations, sales, consulting, or a similar role is highly desirable.</li> </ul><p>We understand that not every candidate will have all the skills and experiences listed. If you are missing some of the qualifications but have an enormous desire to learn and a proven ability to deliver results, we are eager to consider your candidacy. We value drive and dedication, and are committed to supporting the growth of our team members.</p> <p>What we offer</p> <ul><li>A chance to be part of a ground-breaking team of innovators and industry leaders in a vibrant, supportive, and collaborative work environment.</li> <li>Practical experience in building and launching innovative products from the ground up.</li> <li>The opportunity to learn directly from experienced business builders who have a track record of successful ventures.</li> <li>Competitive compensation package with potential for growth and development, which may include equity.</li> <li>Opportunities to lead and influence multiple facets of a dynamic and expanding suite of products.</li> </ul><p>Additional details</p> <ul><li><strong>Location:</strong> This role is remote, requiring partial overlap with the US West Coast time zone for coordination calls and client collaboration.</li> <li><strong>Time Involvement:</strong> We offer to start with part-time involvement of approximately 4 hours a day, with the potential to expand to a full-time position as the role and business grow.</li> <li><strong>Salary:</strong> Starting at $1500 for part-time involvement, with the potential to significantly increase fixed compensation and include equity as the company progresses.</li> </ul><p><strong>How to Apply:</strong></p> <p>Please fill out the attached Google form: you will need to submit your CV and answer several questions related to your experience and motivation to join this position.</p> <p>forms.gle/b8H8gQUN9rAkBFqD7<br /></p>

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